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    I’m just starting to try to understand how the WordPress system works. I’ve created a 2nd page on my little blog, and now I want to be able to choose whether to post new entries to the Home page or the Random Goofy Stuff page. I can’t find a button in the Write area that will let me tell the system which page to post a new entry on, and I can’t find a button in the Manage area that will let me move a given post from one page to another.

    When I add a new post, it just goes to the Home page — I never get an option, as far as I can see, to post it to another page. How do I do this?



    you can’t put posts in pages except the home page, this is how it works in (possible to do with a self-hosted blog, i believe.) a page is like a post which sits outside of the chronological order of posts. if you want to see certain posts in one page, categories help you to assemble them. by marking those posts under the same category and inserting the categories widget, you are able to see them all in one ‘page’ by clicking the category name.



    Okay, got it. Thanks. Except … hmm, I wonder what “the categories widget” is.

    There seems to be quite a lot of jargon in WordPress. Pings, trackbacks, widgets, categories, tags — I’m sure it all makes perfect sense to whoever designed the system, but I can’t help feeling an actual step-by-step written manual would be helpful.

    The crosslinked FAQ system is just a mess: It “explains” stuff in fragments by referring to other stuff that isn’t explained either.

    Well, I’ll play around. Maybe I can figure it out.



    Categories/Tags is where you assign keywords (themes) for your post – such as religion, politics, gardening, etc. It’s good to use them. You can type in categories by scrolling down a little, on the actual page where you’re typing an entry. They go into wordpress’s indexing system, and people can get to you; who are looking for similar interests.

    Pings are what happens when you publish an entry. The info is sent out, called pinging to search engines.

    Unfortunately, there is no manual. But all the volunteers love to help people out!

    By the way, you may want to add your blog to your profile. So that when people read your questions, they can check out your blog, to see what you’re talking about.

    Widgets show up on the side of one’s blog (or bottom depending on one’s theme). It’s superfluous info which many look at (such as archives, top posts, etc).

    A trackback is when someone links to one of your stories. It’s trackbacked to your blog.



    Welcome to Your first stop, besides the FAQs, should be onecoolsite’s guide for beginners

    Happy blogging


    speaking of “pages”, I limited my number of posts to 5, and now I don’t see a “next page” arrow at the bottom of my main page to go to the next set of 5. is it only on my “admin” view that I don’t see this and outside viewers do, or is there a settings somewhere I am missing to have it at the bottom?



    At the very bottom of your Posts page you’ll see the link “Older Posts”. That’s where they’ve gone.

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