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    When I write a post, I have to save or publish it, then go edit it to assign a category. That seems tedious. Is there a way to assign the category at the same time I write?

    Also, I seem to have to type in my tags instead of chosing from a drop-down. Can I do that at the same time as writing the post?

    (Sorry, this seems really simple, I just can’t find the answer myself through fiddling or searching.)

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


    At any point while you are writing the post, you can select or deselect categories in the “categories” section which is typically to the right of the main text area in the editor window.

    You can add tags also at any time while writing a post as well. There is no pulldown option for tags, but there is a “Choose from the most used tags in Post Tags” link at the bottom of the tags section on the post editor page. Again, that typically shows to the right of the main text area.

    If you do not see those sections, scroll down below the text area in the editor window to see if they are there. If so, you can drag them up and to the right of the editor window. If they are not there, then click on the “screen options” tab at the upper right of the window and select them so that they will show on the page.



    Thank you. It was the screen options (sneaky little devil). I knew I’d had those there on another blog.

    You’re such a great help.

    Thank you again.



    I got rid of the tags, and only use categories now.

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