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    On my blog I have approx. 26 pages — 5 parents, and the rest is sub pages.

    Now the problem is that I want to ad more sub pages to the parents, but it is not possible to assign parents any more, because the “hang down” list from which I choose the parent is too short, after I created 9 photo-sub pages. The list shows the first approx. 17 pages, and no more. If the list showed the parents only and not subs, it would fit.

    Theme: Regulus.

    As only the parents are shown in top of the blog, creating more parents and redistribute the subs is out of the question, that would be a mess. In the sidebar, both parents and subs are shown (subs to the “Tips” parent are invisible though) under “Graphics, photos, tips, and topics”.

    More details:
    The subs logically belongs in the three main categories: Graphic art, Photos, and “Tips” ~ helpful info for studies in Australia. I would like to ad more subs to the latter category some day soon but it seems to be impossible for the time being. The photo pages are clusters of thumbnails of posted photos, and the categories will be expanded along the way.

    ~ So, what can I do to solve it?



    I checked on Firefox and Opera with my own blog, which has a number of sub-pages too, and i got the same result as you. I think this is a bug in the interface (therefore not theme-dependent or browser-dependent), because it seems like you should get a scrollbar. Send in feedback to staff, since this isn’t anything we can fix.



    All right, thanks.



    Hi Anne1024,

    I had the same problem, but what I discovered is that while the drop-down list for selecting parents looks too short, the full list is still there for selection but needs to be accessed by keyboard instead of mouse. If you click twice on the page parent menu bar (once to pop open the drop-down, and once to close it), you’ll now have the keyboard focus on the menu bar; if you use the down arrow keys, you can now scroll all the way down to find the parent you want, even if it didn’t show in the drop-down.

    It’s not a perfect workaround, but it seems to work for me.

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