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    Apologies for asking this question, because I’m sure it has been asked before and that the answer is therefore available somewhere – I just can’t find it.

    As standard, I can publish a post on my site and the post will appear on my front page (or ‘home’ page). What I want is that certain posts will also, simultaneously, appear on other pages which I’ve created on my site.

    For instance, I want to create a page titled ‘news’; and I want all posts which I tag or categorise with the label ‘news’ to appear both on the front page of my site and on the page titled ‘news’. The front page will then comprise of a stream of posts on different topics; with each topic having it’s own dedicated page elsewhere.

    Is this possible? Thanks for whatever help you can provide.

    The blog I need help with is


    How do I post to a Page?

    All posts will appear on the main posts page, but you can also display specific posts on category pages with our custom menus feature. If you want, you can change the default page for posts to appear by changing Settings -> Reading in the Dashboard. This will likely require changing your Front page as well.



    That is hugely helpful, so thank you very much. I’d browsed the forums and searched google but only found advice relating to inserting code of some sort.

    There are two things which aren’t quite ideal, but they’re not significant enough to be called problems if there are no solutions.

    The method of creating a custom menu and adding a category page means that the link to that page becomes .com/category/news, for instance, rather than just .com/news. Also, at least with the theme I’m using, the heading above my posts in the news section of my site changes from just ‘news’ to ‘category archives: news’. Is there any way around these things? A way, in short, to remove the word ‘category’ from both the url and the page heading?

    But again, if there isn’t anything to be done, it is not a problem; and thank you for helping me out.

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