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    I have category pages I want to post to, but the posts appear only in Recent Posts in the sidebar (although one did appear in the page I wanted). I want certain posts to appear in specific sub-pages in the main menu across the top of the home page.

    How do I link posts to appear in the correct menu sub-pages?

    Thanks folks

    The blog I need help with is




    So when writing a post you will want to assign what Category that post is going to go under. You will find the option to put in the category on the right hand side towards the bottom of the screen. Once you have checked the box for that you will publish. It will go into your Categories Sub-Menu. I just did a couple test on my blog to make sure.

    Here are some links you can look at that will help you with what you are wanting to do :



    Thanks lexiornelas.

    I rechecked my categorization of pages and posts and somehow my posts still only appear in Recent Posts and not in the sub-pages I want them to. Operator error I’m sure, but having a devil of a time figuring it out.




    It’s ok! Lets see if we can get this fixed.
    When you go into Appearance > Menus, Where is says Pages, Links, Categories, and Format, Is Mexico a Page or a Category?

    If it is a Page, this is what may be causing the problem. So if you want all posts that are linked to the category “Mexico” You will have to make the Categories “Mexico” a sub-item instead of the Page Mexico. Do you understand what I mean?

    For example, Your “About Us” should be a page, “Mexico” should be a Category.



    Thanks lexiornelas – I appreciate your patience.

    I changed Mexico from a page to a category I my menu, but the post still only shows up in my Recent Posts sidebar and not in the Mexico category page.

    Other pages like Home, Abut Us, Tips & Travelling are pages, but trip reports like Mexico are categories.



    No Problem.
    Hmm.. In your actual post are you setting the category to Mexico as well?



    Thanks lexiornelas,

    Yes – I have both the posts and the category page set at “Mexico.” In my menu the sub-page Mexico shows up as a “category” and the post is listed in the navigation part as Mexico.

    I’m wondering if there’s some link or tag I need to use.



    So I’ve been looking around on your blog to check somethings out so that I could try to better help you.

    I found a post with the Mexico Category:

    When I clicked on the category name, it led to this category page:

    But in your menu, Mexico links to a page not a category:

    It looks like your menu isn’t setup correctly, can you double check it and make sure that the correct menu is active in the Appearance> Menus> Manage Locations section?



    Thanks – I suspect the menu isn’t set up right also, but can’t figure out where. At this point when I open Appearance – Menu and look at Menu Structure it lists Mexico as a Category.

    Over in the Posts; I open Posts – All and checked the posts I’ve written and they also list Mexico as the Category.

    Oddly, the post about Alaska (The Incomparable Tatshenshini) is categorized as Pacific Northwest same as the category page it is in – and it CAN be reached through the menu item America’s Pacific Northwest & Alaska.

    I can’t see the difference between the setup for the Pacific Northwest page & post and those for Mexico.

    Again, I really appreciate your patience with this (I have the Adventure Journal theme if that helps).



    Wait a minute – magic happened!

    I went back to the menu appearance and noticed I had two main menus listed (theme supports just one). So I simply chose the other main menu and that seems to have cured it.

    Self-inflicted pain in this case. Now if I can just get my photos to look right.

    Thanks lexiornelas – you’ve been great.



    Yay! Happy you got it working! Glad I could help!

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