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  1. I need help on making a website. I already registered my domain name through godaddy. my website will be I don't know how to move my domain name over to wordpress and start to building my website. I watched youtube videos and tutorials and it's kinda confusing. Please contact me at [email redacted] or 555-***-****. Need to talk to some one please.


    Charles Butler

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There's no free phone support here, although there are some consultants such as myself who offer paid phone support.

    Here is how to move your domain name to

    and here is how to build a static website, not a blog

  3. I also bought my domain names from and moved them to and have been extremely happy there. Weebly tells you how to move your name to its site, as will the free and great 24/7 service department at GoDaddy (480-505-8877) help you link it to Weebly's IP address or WordPresses IP number. Weebly has a free version to begin your website that is quite good and which I used for two years for free. Then, I wanted to add some features so I purchased the Pro version for around $40.00 a year and love that, both in terms of features and in terms of price. Weebly does have free support service via a 24 hour return email answer to your email and the director of their service center said that they are going to add many more staff in 2013 and have a free telephone number to call. That alone would be a service that would be attractive. If you want to see what I have been able to do on a self-taught basis over a three year period on another domain, check out my new complex that I have built in two weeks at (I actually have 5 domains linked seemlessly together).

    There is more to building a website then getting your domain name, a hosting service and then designing it. You then have to get the main search engines of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Norton and others to find your site so they will list you in their directories so that those searching for you may find you. Even if your friends and yourself know your site is designed, active and published by your hosting service, neither you nor others will be able to get thereuntil you add meta tags and SRO tags so that the search engines "Spiders" find your site.

    Confusing, you are so right. That is one reason why I have put a column up on my WordPress blog that explains all of these necessary steps as I hadn't found this information anywhere else. To read that post, go to I think the column can be better written so you can help me do so by leaving your comments on its clarity, what was helpful and what you wanted more information on.

    You will find my regular email and even a telephone number on my website if you want to chat. I have been helped by many and will share what I know. I am just now learning the features of WordPress and found your post by accident.

    I have to say that I love WordPress and their services and did not know about them when I went to Weebly. However, I am choosing to blog here and not on Weebly and yet will keep my website on Weebly In today's world of electronic communication, location doesn't really matter as all things can be linked. Dennis to my colleagues and Dr. D. on my sites.

  4. Actually, some of that information is not correct, for instance:

    Even if your friends and yourself know your site is designed, active and published by your hosting service, neither you nor others will be able to get thereuntil you add meta tags and SRO tags so that the search engines "Spiders" find your site.

    This is entirely inaccurate at

  5. That is useful information to know that I didn't know. Glad to know that WordPress has pros to aid us in getting it right. Since I made that post to another's, how do I correct mine with this new information? Or perhaps since your's follows mine, your post will do just that?

    In any case I now know that different hosting services do things differently. Thanks.

  6. Just edit your post to include the information. It's a learning process for all of us.

    One of the best reasons to host at is the sizeable SEO advantage it confers. Another is that it is turnkey; for instance, every post we make automatically pings Ping-o-matic, which in turn alerts all the main search engines that we have just updated our sites. This is just one example of the things that are built into this platform and make it advantageous for people who don't want to tinker with codes etc.

  7. Thank you everyone for your feed back. I'm going to give it a try. IF you know anyone that knows how to build a basic marketing website please let me know. My email is

    [email redacted]
    [email redacted]


  8. Yes, I know how to build a basic website. What is your budget?

  9. Right now all I have is $200 to start out with since I just started my business. From there than i can pay more to make it more fancier. For right now I just want something to where I can placed a video, pictures, news, blog

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  10. Really, you can do that yourself in a couple of hours, it's not worth paying someone for, and that's half what I would charge you anyway. Go through this: and the links I gave you in my first response and you'll have all the tools you need.

  11. Please re-read the links raincoaster gave you above:

    Here is how to move your domain name to

    and here is how to build a static website, not a blog

    You can set up and use for free, then map the domain you own to your site to it.

    There is a basic tutorial to get you started here:

    Please do not keep posting your email contacts here: none of us volunteers, nor staff communicates with folks here in these public forums via email.

    If you want to contact rain, she has a website linked to her name where you can reach her.

  12. ~~~hi raincoaster: I should have refreshed before hitting submit…

  13. Check out both's free web-building program and's free web-building program and then decide which is best for you. There certainly are some advantages to have both your blog and website with one host as you would have with WordPress. On the other hand, has great tutorials on all aspects of web-design, free Webinars that are video-taped and in archives for you to look at the previous ones and free 24 hour web design email service help for your design questions. They will be adding free telephone service in 2013. I also have a blog at but my main blog is at WordPress and will stay there as I like the way WordPress does their blogs. I will add that I do not work for Weebly, never have, I just have been very satisfied with their service on my website there. I also do not work for WordPress, never have, and am very satisfied with their service on my blog here.

    In all cases, gather information and then decide what would work best for you.

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