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    Hello, thanks in advance for supporting and the work done!

    I’d like to put an Astronomy Picture Of the Day (APOD) widget. It already exists for WordPress so I guess it’ll be a minor upgrade/work.

    Here’s the link where it can be found (by Paul):

    As far as I understand (I am new), I won’t be able to add widgets that aren’t yet on the list of integrated ones. So Who’s for the APOD widget?



    We cannot upload plugins or widgets here at The widget they talk about is for blogs using the software from for self-hosted blogs.



    I know we can’t, that’s why I am asking if “they” could make it available for us… thanks!



    Your best bet is to send a note to support, giving them all the information (there’s no such thing as too much) and explaining why you’d like this to be added to

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