At last, after a week I've seen my own text. Thanks everyone!

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    hello, this is zingcreed again
    First this site, second a story,
    First, thanks raincoaster and others for advice on how to find my own pages (one’s still missing).It’s taken a week but I have now seen 2 of them . Comments:- this address did NOT work It produced (on WP site) “page not found”
    This address on the other hand half worked: None of my text was there, but by clicking methodically on one button after another I eventually found it (in Archives of all things!) Hope this feedback is useful so you can give more precise directions to the next lost rookie (in like 5 minute’s time?!)
    “Click edit button” Yeah, i’ve been told that before, there isn’t one.
    I would like to review this website as a consumer not as a designer – I can’t do that..
    Story: this week on my Dell I’ve booked a tour through 5 S.E.Asian countries: different sites, languages, alphabets, currencies; rooms, trains, ferries, planes . No forums. It was childs play compared with getting text on line with wordpress!

    The blog I need help with is

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