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At What Age Do You Want To Get Married?

  1. At What Age Do You Want To Get Married?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 30. You wanna make me a retroactive offer?

  3. I have NEVER been married and never want to be. Living with a piss head for nigh on 15 years was enough. :O

  4. I can't see how pinning an age to it will help! That's just going to end in a marriage to the wrong person. Most of my friends are unmarried, in their 30s. I can't say that it bothers me either.

  5. To me 25 is the ripe age.

  6. Whenever I feel I am old enough to support a family. Some time when I have a stable job, a consistent income, and I am ready to be one stage away from being dead. 30 sounds about good. No promises ladies.

  7. To me 25 is the ripe age.

    Maybe in Pakistan, but that seems crazy to me. You should enjoy your twenties, not worry about finding a life partner!

    In fact, I'm enjoying my 30s too... Maybe 45 is about the right age. ;-)

  8. I don't want to get married, I'm 27 next week and I still have no plans for it (or even a woman), it's a pointless waste of time anyway. Just an excuse for an expensive party and a holiday afterwards.

  9. @Pete

    I'm 2 years behind yet I feel myself saying the same exact thing when I'm 27. No reason to settle down so quickly.

  10. Neveeeeer.

  11. I'm joining the Never group! I'm content to just be with my family and dog for the rest of my years :)

  12. @Moose

    I'll get married to some 20 year old when I reach my late 40s, early 50s. No doubt I'll be a millionaire by that point and I'll have gold diggers dropping at my feet.

  13. I don't want to get married. I can barely stand spending 5 minutes with most people, let alone a lifetime. Maybe if the right person comes along, but I highly doubt that.

  14. Good job you don't live in olden times, you'd be married with three kids by now :P

  15. hmm. I don't really think marriage is exactly necessary. Two people can be committed for a long time even without marriage. For me, if I ever feel like I want to get married, I would probably be at least 30. With all the things I want to do, I doubt I would even have the money to settle down D:

  16. @ardpete: I'd go be a priestess or something if I lived in ancient times. In Medieval, well I'd probably be dead anyway so that's a moot point.

  17. I'm a married man. I'm making this commitment because I can't have sex before marriage, unless I have a deathwish or something.
    Couldn't imagine myself with kids a few years ago but now I'm a father of two. On one side, kids are annoying and give you trouble all the time, but on the other, they are incredible. They know how to amaze me day after day.

  18. I would say a year or two after I graduate college if everything works out, maybe getting engaged the end of my senior year and then getting married around 23 or 24. Didn't realize how young that apparently is to everyone else.

  19. @Tltcl
    Don't be Mr. Chips.

  20. Which time?

  21. As I already am (and happily so) I can't really answer that for me! I got married in my 'middle years', in other words - later than most.

  22. Maybe in the next life... or the one after...

  23. Too early was a bad idea, though it certainly didn't seem so at the time (20 - for 7 years.)

    Later worked out much better (39 - now heading for 19th Anniversary).

    It takes the time it takes. That's what I learned in hindsight. I agree with goodvillage too. It isn't for everyone. Some lead fulfilled lives without either marriage or an exclusive partnership.

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