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    I couldn’t find this in the FAQ’s. I want to have specific pages with different posts. I am using this as a mostly photo sharing with family and I want to split up the pics by topic on different pages (also pw protect pages). How do make sure specific posts go to specific pages?



    Rather than giving you a lot of complex instructions right off the top sometimes a look is worth a thousand words so -> dashboard -> options -> reading – reading options. Notice the choices that you have in reading options. You can post photos in any post or on any static page. However, only one page can be chosen to display for new posts.

    The kind of description your giving means that you will be doing a lot of copy and paste work and password work. Which leads me to ask why bother? You can have as many free blogs as you want. Maybe multiple blogs is a better way to go.

    Some other useful information – most themes do “*not* allow comments on pages (regulus does).



    How do make sure specific posts go to specific pages?

    Best bet would be to assign them to different categories.

    All pages are in a blog is a listing of posts in chronological order.



    It would really cool if pages were dynamic, and if we could attach a post to a particular page. what is the point of having static pages? isnt it completely useless?



    Statis pages are seperate from posts. They’re outside of the date/time structure and the categories. They can be used for such things like About pages, wishlists, instructions, photos, etc.

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