Attached photos do not show up on "my photos" page

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    I have a whole bunch of photos attached to my “my photos” page, but only some of them show up. There is not a “more” button at the bottom.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Are all of the photos you expect to see on that page exclusively uploaded and attached to that page?

    That is have you uploaded them specifically to that page only, and you would expect them to appear there? If you uploaded them to another post or page then they would be attached there.

    But you are not displaying either a gallery or slideshow so where ever they are attached should not make a difference.

    I’m thinking that your problem has to do with the way you have captioned those pictures.

    look under this one:
    where the caption says:

    This is our aristo-cat, Kikyo, gazing at the view out the high window in our family room

    and notice all the extra grey background and borders there?

    If you inserted all those pictures into that page, then used the visual editor to add captions to the images, then you have made a problem with the captions of on photo overlapping in the text (html) editor.

    I can’t explain how that causes your other pictures not to appear on the page, but it is something you should fix.

    Easiest way might be to click each photo, eliminate each caption. The add the captions again by editing each picture, not trying to add captions directly via the visual editor.

    Reason being that where the cursor is exactly, precisely, accurately in the visual editor is not reliable.

    Or add captions in the text editor if you are comfortable with html.

    I don’t know if that will allow the other pictures you expect to see on that page to appear, but the messed up captions you have now are not good.

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