Attaching Gallery to post – Gallery disappeared from upload/insert/media window

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    In one of my draft posts, I have lost the Gallery tab from the upload-insert-media window. The Media library on the top bar, next to where the Gallery tab usually is, has only 2 or 3 of the images in that post, repeated several times. How can I get the Gallery back?
    My other posts have it, OK.
    Alternatively, in the post with no gallery, should I upload all the pictures in it again?
    Can a gallery be added to or edited in a Published post? (This one isn’t yet.)
    Thanks for your help! Jane

    The blog I need help with is



    11.15pm Update – I found why this happened, as soon as I wrote down the question really, and went away from it. I had copy pasted the pictures from an older post onto the new one. That is why they were not making a gallery. I uploaded them all over again into the new post, and all is well.
    In this particular blog, I want the posts to publish in a certain sequence – they are all prepared beforehand. It seems that the time I insert the gallery and Save, doesn’t allow for or register later updates. To have the posts in sequence, I think I have to leave the gallery-insert to the very last minute, and then publish. Learning curve!
    I am enjoying wordpress enormously, and the galleries look great.

    So this problem is resolved, but I’ll see how it goes tomorrow before closing it.

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