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    Before I buy additional space in order to be able to post sound files, can anyone tell me what they look like when published? On my current iWeb site, I can attach an image that appears above the start-pause button and the progress path of a sound file. Is that possible in WordPress? (I’m using the Enterprise theme). Any advice/info gratefully received. Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    a) You don’t need the space upgrade to “post” audio files. You can buy it if you wish to upload the files to your own blog, but you can also use files uploaded elsewhere.

    b) The files themselves don’t “look like” anything. You can either link to the files (and you can use an image you select or create yourself for the purpose), or insert an audio player to play the files. The player can be the standard WP audio player, or the Soundcloud player, or other players; examples of the first two here:


    Many thanks!

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