Attachment Display Settings / Size 500px gone?

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    With the new look of the Media Handling when adding pics to the blog entries, I suddenly don’t find the option anymore to resize the pic to “500px” anymore. Do i have to go with the annoying %-scale from now on to get to 500? if i just enter with a picture of 1286x357px for example the width to 500, the height doesnt change proportionally.

    anyone some help for me or do i just oversee something here?

    The blog I need help with is



    If by 500 you mean the maximum the theme allows (it’s not 500px in Freshy), the option hasn’t gone away: when you select the Full Size option, the tab displays the dimensions of the original but automatically inserts a version scaled down to the maximum the theme allows.
    If you mean any width narrower than the maximum the theme allows, you can set it as your default width for the thumbnail, medium or large option in Settings > Media, and select that option when inserting an uploaded image.



    thank you, just the answer i was looking for!!! didnt know the default-option!!!!

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