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  1. I am creating this webpage for my class. I have created a page called attachments. The purpose of this page is attach documents that maybe homework or other helpful information that I do not want to make a post or can't convert. I tried to attach as a media, but when I go to the attachments page I don't see what I attached.


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  2. You have to attach them to either text or an image. You can't just have the file floating in space.

  3. Sorry do you mean I should create a post for each and then attach the document to that post?

  4. No, just Edit the page you've got, and put some anchor text on it like

    click here for Download #1

    and highlight "Download #1" and then click the Link icon, then put in the link to the file.

    You can also put images in the page and click on the images and put a link to the file that way.

  5. Thank you that worked!!!

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