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Attempting to delete blog with username ensquaredaired

  1. nancynancynancy12345667

    Hi there,

    I have tried deleting my blog with the username ensquaredaired. It looks like I succcessfully deleted the blog with ensquaredaired because whenever I click on the dashboard, I see a 404 error:

    However, I'd like to user the name "ensquaredaired" for another wordpress account blog but each time It ry to set it up, I get a message stating that the username for is already reserved. How can I fix this problem so that I can start another blog at

    Thank you,

    Blog url:

  2. asbadgerseesit

    Someone is obviously using that Username and so the blog name is reserved for them. Is 'ensquaredaired' your Username or not? The link you gave does not lead to a deleted blog it leads to a blog with no posts.

  3. nancynancynancy12345667

    Ensquaredaired is my username that I recently deleted. When I try to test it to see if the username is being used at, it says the name does url does not exist. I have already deleted the username but it still says reserved...

    Not sure if I am using the right terminology, but that's the problem...

  4. Username accounts are never deleted here.
    Only blogs can be deleted.
    Usernames can be turned into blog addresses, but blog addresses cannot be turned into usernames. For most usernames and blog addresses are the same. When we register a username account the matching blog is automatically reserved for our future use. That reserved blog cannot be obtained by anyone other than the person who has registered the matching username.

  5. That makes sense. Thank you!

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