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  1. One of your customers is using their site to rob people at gunpoint
    The site is a cam site with a very attractive young lady. They then run an ad
    on People go to meet her and are robbed and beaten. You have already suspended the site once and she just changed the name.The suspended site is and the new site is It is the same person as I found the suspended site listed clearly on Her Facebook page. I am sending the same info to the Dallas Police.Most people who respond to ads like that don't report it.So the police may not even be aware but they will be tomorrow. I am posting this here in hopes that someone on this site can forward this information along. The support page is not designed for situations like this.IF YOU ARE ABLE TO CONTACT THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE HERE PLEASE DO.

  2. Sex trade marketing per se is not allowed here anyway. I reported the site and someone here has marked this thread for staff attention as well.

    If you know these things above to be true, why haven't you called the police?

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