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Attention, all Shoujo Manga Lovers!!

  1. This is my shoujo manga/anime blog:

    I want to host a competition related to shoujo manga on my blog but I can't until my traffic increases to 50 views a day at least, since it requires the participation of many shoujo manga lovers, so help me out! Check often for updates & posts and maybe that competition isn't so far away.

    And please tell me if my blog is any good, because I'm not sure if it is. Thanks!

  2. xxfrozenflower

    Ahh, awesome~! I'm more into shounen myself, but I also love me some shoujo! \o/

    I'm really glad you posted here. Consider me a new fan of your blog!. <3

  3. Thanks! :D You're blog is awesome! Blogrolled. I will be sure to check yours often too. :)

  4. Hi, guys! I changed my blog address to
    if anyone wants the address of my old blog, contact me and I will be willing to transfer it to you! :D

  5. Might I suggest that you change your background image. It is incredibly difficult to read what you've written with that combination.

  6. i think it's ok because when i view it it's always clear, i dunno why u think that's really easy to read perhaps there is something wrong with ur computer...maybe i dunno..plz don't misunderstand this, i'm only expressing my opinion.....

  7. I checked it again, its proper now :)

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