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Attention, all Shoujo/Shounen Manga lovers! Shoujo1Daisuki SMCT

  1. Yay! Site views are getting there and I'm considering starting SMCT, which is a competition I've been wanting to hold in my blog for a while now but lacked the views..

    This needs lots of participation from lots of people (voting polls and nominations, etc.) so I need to know how many people will be participating? it's not official participation, but I need to know how many will be looking at my blog and participating all through the competition.

    If you're thinking of participating in SMCT because you like shoujo manga or clamp shounen manga (which i will allow), please reply to this post!

  2. I wonder what SMCT stands for?
    Anyway, I'll surely participate if it's about otaku-ism ^_^

  3. It's a secret... :P

    It's about shoujo all right. Manga, mostly, but after reading your blog I'm pretty sure you read shoujo manga!!! :D

    Thank you!

  4. I don't know what this is, but of course I'll participate! ;) Come on, everyone! \o/

  5. All this mystery is intriguing!

  6. ^_^ Thanks for commenting guys!

  7. I'll join! If its not too late, I mean...

  8. Well, since school is starting, I'm doing it at Christmas. Sorry!
    I left a few comments on your blog and sent you two emails. Please reply!

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