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Attention Support Staff: Forum display is messed up

  1. There is a new forum display but it's not operating correctly. The comment boxes are not properly aligned. The boxes are right aligned rather than left aligned and the Tags boxes are superimposed over the display. As I'm visually challenged this is crazymaking.

  2. Yes, hope they fix it soon!

  3. Hi Tess,
    So do I! Perhaps an email should be sent?

  4. The WP front page is different too, and i keep getting logged out!!! Something is amiss.

  5. Yes indeed it is and we are waiting for Staff to notice it and fix it.

  6. Thanks for the reports - we're aware of the issues with the forum display and are working to fix them. Apologies for the inconvenience!

  7. Feel like Alice in Wonderland....

  8. I blame the snow!

  9. I agree.
    It's probably that evil snow lol :D

  10. furzeinahaze - if you keep getting logged out, could you please try clearing your browser cookies?

  11. I posted in the moderators' forum, but I don't know how often staff looks there…

  12. Just to let you know. German forums are messed up as well.

  13. Well, I'm glad they are looking into it…

  14. I have cleared my browser cache and cookies repeatedly after logging out ... SIGH

  15. @kathrynwp i've cleared my browser again and again as it's been hours of me trying to actually get on my blog to post something. I get in...and get logged out again as soon as i try to get onto anything on my Dashboard.

  16. furzeinahaze - could you please start a new thread and I'll help you there? Thanks!

  17. The new blue header seems to have a higher z-index than the "My Account" popup menu on the right side of the admin bar. In other words parts of the popup menu appear behind the blue header.

  18. timethief - are you getting logged out too? Clearing your cache won't fix the display errors. Let me know, thanks!

  19. @kathrynwp i already had one

  20. timethief - would you mind showing me a screenshot of what you mean in terms of the Tags overlapping?

  21. furzeinahaze - thanks, I'm going to reply there.

    iqatrophie - yes, the issues are affecting all the forums, thanks.

  22. I haven't gotten logged out at all. Some posts above are to the right, others to the left.

  23. Popup menu issue seems to be fixed. :)

  24. At least for me, the tag bit is corrected.

    Also, all of the posts above are now left aligned again.

    A work in progress I guess.

  25. @kathrynwp
    Yo! The Tags are corrected and the alignment is too. :)

  26. All the alignment and weird display issues should now be fixed. Sorry for the disruption!

    If anyone else spots any forum bits still not looking as they should, just let me know.

  27. The Freshness column isn't linked when opening the subforums. Take for example. I can't click the Freshness timecode to open the last post in a discussion.

    I have to start with the first post and scroll myself. Can be pretty annoying if you've got a thread with multiple pages.

    Has this been changed recently or did I miss this from the beginning?

  28. Hi iqatrophie - thanks for the suggestion. This wasn't a recent change, and since the forum display issues from yesterday have been resolved, I'm going to close this thread now.

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