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Attention Tess

  1. thistimethisspace


    My posts under both timethief and thistimethispace are displayed on a weird pink colored background in the thread and apparently only I can see them.

    This is what I posted:
    Let me tackle this again. An icon is an image and you can link your twitter username to any image and display it in a text widget.
    Example of icon here:
    Uploading images:
    You ought to be able to upload files in two ways: by going to Media → Add New from your dashboard or by clicking the new Add Media button right above the editing area of a page or a post.

  2. Sorry, I fixed it now…

  3. Thanks so much. Do you know what caused that weirdness? I've never experienced it before?

  4. No. Sometimes when the forum is being hit by a lot of spam the usernames seem to get mixed up. But as far as I can tell, that wasn't the case. Next time email me so I get an alert. You have my email, not the google mail, right? This happens to you a lot, but could be just because you post here more than anyone else. But it happens to me too…

  5. I mean getting spammed.

  6. It appears the pink = a spammed post now. I saw it on one of mine the other day.

  7. Yes, pink means spammed.

  8. @Tess
    Thanks for the confirmation. I have no idea why my posts would have triggered marking as "spam".

  9. But there are sometimes weird things going on. Right now my name does not link to my site: as though my name is not linked. That is odd.

  10. Or is that not so for you?

  11. I see your ID in Cyan (meaning linked).

  12. @Tess
    Using FF17 your username is linked to your blog.
    Yes, there are weird things going on. The Reader is now a horror show. I do believe the reason we have been seeing KeyMasters posting to the support forums could be because the big move off of our own blog's dashboards to the main page of, which Staff refer to as the NewDash maybe underway.

  13. @Tess
    Here's another wild guess. As we have a Key Master addressing old unresolved forum threads dating back to for example October, dealing with issues in them and closing them maybe the forum is going to experience some changes too? Or maybe not.

  14. I would bet it will. A couple of days ago I couldn't add any tags to threads either. Then it was fine. All kinds of things are happening behind the curtain, I think.

  15. Pardon my sheltered life - but what is a "Key Master?"

  16. Senior level staff, above Happiness Engineer.

  17. So the big guns are getting their keyboards dirty in the forum - hmmm...


  18. The only one I've seen is kardotim who's been around for quite a while, but whose title changed today. Promotion maybe?

  19. I certainly don't have inside info, but as for key masters hitting the forums, well, if you look, there are always so many unanswered modlook tags. Could be my imagination but staff seems to come to the forums in groups for an hour or two to address outstanding issues. I still think these forums are among the useful most online, and for the most part spam free. If there are changes coming to these forums I hope they remain so.

    This platform is also getting more complicated with every new theme and feature introduced. In the "old days" the questions were easy to answer. Now some themes are so sophisticated that it takes a lot of experience to know how to use the fancy features.

    FF17 is beyond my operating system: it's on my list to update that but I'm afraid some of my older software won't work with Lion… It is on my list to do for this new year though… As you always advise folks one needs to have current browsers. My camera is 5 years old and the on/off button doesn't always work so I forsee some costly upgrades for 2013…

    Best wishes to all in the new year!

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