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Attribution in all post's bylines gone...???

  1. Hey,

    I've just noticed that on my Greyzed - themed blog,
    The line of info just under the header (title) for each
    post has somehow been altered by the deletion of
    "by John Dilligent".

    They all did say, for example:

    "Posted on July 17, 2011 in UFOs by John Dilligent"

    Now they all say, for exammple:

    "Posted on July 17, 2011 in UFOs

    What could have happened here and how can I cor-
    rect it?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. As far as I know Greyzed ought to be displaying an author's byline.

    Long shot: I'm not sure if this is a factor or not but have you removed the Author’s profile in Users > My Profile?

    P.S. I have flagged this thread so it gets moved to the Themes Forum. Themes Staff monitor threads in that forums and can tell us what's going on.

  3. Hey TT,

    No I haven't done anything.

    Okay, thanks, I didn't know that.

    Happy Holidays,


  4. Hi again John,
    I'm just speculating that Themes Staff may be making changes. I don't know if they are or not. Thanks for the weekend well wishes. I hope you have a good one too. It's snowing here and snow is rare where I live on the West Coast of Canada. :)

  5. This is clearly a problem that's suddenly affected several themes, as I'm using Vostok and have the same issue..To compound the situation, the byline has disappeared in single-post view as well.

    Am currently waiting for a response from support.

  6. Am currently waiting for a response from support.

    Thanks for letting us know you have contacted Support Staff about this issue in Vostok. Note that this thread will be moved to the Themes Forum where Themes Staff will respond to it.

  7. Edit: "will be moved " I just noticed that it has been moved lol :D

  8. Thanks TT, we definitely have a problem.
    Logically the code in the master template
    has been altered or whatever. I've been
    'round 'n 'round over it on my end, and
    there's really nothing we can do from the
    dashboard. I ended-up circumventing the
    whole process by adding: "by John Dilli-
    gent" as a category, then shifting all posts
    from whatever their respective categories
    were initially to that category. I also made
    it the default category for all new posts.
    So I lost my "Categories" function, but re-
    claimed my attribution in the byline. A
    mixed bag, in other words. I hope ya'll can
    find a way to fix this though....


  9. We're in the process of making changes to the way bylines work for our themes, and this explains why you are no longer seeing the bylines. Bylines will only be displayed on multi-author blogs -- that is, blogs that have at least two authors with published posts.

  10. Rather than multi-author/single author triggering whether the author shows or not, I would prefer to be able to choose under theme options. There are a good number of single authors our there that would like that choice based on posts I've seen in the forums over the years.

  11. Another great leap backward - why hide who is the author just because only one person is writing in a blog - many sites don't have a lot of ID for the authors - has more class than just a blank line or making us go back and add the author in some sort of byline -

    Real dumb idea to turn off the ID or make us do some jerk of a workaround - the new gallery is a piece of junk also - really made things much less friendly and I hate it -

  12. @johndilligent, this is a lousy workaround, and should NOT be something you have to do, but sign up for a throw-away email address, create a new account here (username only) and then invite the username as an author on your site and make one post under that author name and date it back to around the time you first started your site so it.

  13. Ignore the "so it" at the end of my post above.

  14. You know, you might even see if just adding the author will do it without making a post. I'm not sure what triggers the author/no author axe.

  15. No: there must be at least one published post by a second author.

  16. Thanks for verifying that Panos. At least we have a workaround to suggest, and the upside is it will bloat the number of user accounts here at It will be interesting to see how many more notice and ask about this.

  17. Just what I wanted to do today - really improve the look of my site - publish a junk Post on a professional site - a real class addition - this makes two turkeys in a row - must be by the staff in the U.S. as it is Thanksgiving coming up so maybe WordPress.COM does not give turkeys to their employes so the troops decided to make their own turkey.

  18. Are not the majority of blogs on WordPress single-authored? I would think that most expect to see attribution for their posts. This imposed anonymity makes absolutely no sense. And am still not clear on the work-around, either.

  19. The workaround is to add a new or second user to your blog and then have the "new" user publish on Post.

    The new user can be you - you do need to use a different email address for the second user.

    Or if you have a friend that has a WordPress.COM blog you could add them as a "Contributor" to your blog and have them make one post (or you as the Admin can make the Post for them and change the Author to them - page down on the Edit Post page) - a Contributor can write but all of their stuff needs to be approved before they are published so you are still in command of what they can put on your blog.

  20. Thanks for your answer, auxclass. Hope it works.Quite amazing that we have to jump through these hoops just to have a byline on our posts.

  21. You be welcome & good luck

    yes this was not one of their better ideas - sort of a turkey I think.

  22. The fact that some themes included the post author on all posts and some didn't has been a problem for years; it limited the choice of themes for multi-author blogs (unless they resorted to workarounds like including the author's name in the body of the post) and lumbered others with a byline they didn't want or need.

    So it's very unfortunate that Matt's aversion to options means that people can't choose for themselves whether they want author names to be displayed. Just as there are individuals who want to keep their name on their posts, I'm sure there are some multi-author blogs out there using the above-mentioned workaround who'll groan at the prospect of having to go back and edit all the bylines out of their archives.

    If you can give users the choice of having snow on their blogs or ticking a mysterious box for 'Fun mode' , then your databases are not yet in such a fragile state that they cannot accommodate a couple of extra fields for basic functions like 'author name display' or 'disable carousel-style galleries'. Priorities, people, please.

  23. +1 Wank.

  24. + 1 Wank.

  25. As a poster on this thread, I am happy to note that as of today, the byline has been restored on my blog -- and am, in the spirit of the holiday, thankful!

  26. @lmdl09
    Thanks for posting to let us know the author byline has been restored for single author's on the Vostok theme. Happy blogging! :)

  27. First I would like to thank all involved for their
    imput and suggestions. I hope everyone had
    a good Thanksgiving.

    The byline has not returned to my theme. But
    thank you Sacred Path for a better work-around
    option. I think I will do this. I HATED losing my
    categories but knew of no other way to approach

    What's the logic for the theme function changes?
    That's actually not the only change that occurred
    to the Greyzed theme at that point in time, and
    none of them were good. It looks like the thrust
    here travelled along the avenue of anonymity,
    privacy, whatever... my search engine queries,
    share queries, etc. all got dumbed-down so I
    can't track any of them back to their source as I
    could do before the recent changes.

    Up 'til now, "Referrers > Search Engines" listed all
    of them separately with links so I could track each
    black to their source. Now there's just a hit count
    grouped under Google, Bing, etc. If there are links
    they just come back to Google or Bing or whatever.

    Same thing with Shares -- before this occurred I
    could backtrack an email share to an actual email
    handle and address-- a specific account. No longer.
    When I click on those links now, they send me to
    my own blog.

    Bad changes all these. I feel like I lost some pow-
    erful tools in the process. With the byline thing,
    it's like... "Why"? Why fix it if it's not broke? But it
    is now. I lost my post attribution and fifty links out
    on the web with my name on them. It was helping
    to get my name out and incorporated into the
    SERPS, and that is a big thing to me as I'm actual-
    ly attempting to brand it. It also helps to retain at-
    tribution on wholesale copy and paste jobs of my
    articles, which I have been coming across more
    frequently with the passage of time. It was actually
    stumbling over one of these with no attribution
    whatsoever that led to my discovering I no longer
    had any on my own site either -- it was gone...

    So I'm just wondering who this benefited from this
    and why it was done, assuming everything happens
    for a reason. Does it save server space and help to
    cut costs?


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