Audio buffers but does not play

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    I have uploaded a number of mp3 files to Google Sites and created corresponding audio player links on my WordPress page: Half the time the audio players play the tracks just fine. Other times, however, all they do is just sit there and display “Buffering…”, but never play. What is going on? Does anyone have any idea why sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t? This is extremely frustrating…


    The blog I need help with is


    If the files are hosted at google, then it could be a server or timeout issue at google. From what I see, everything on the page you reference is actually uploaded to your wordpress.COM blog, so I’m not sure what files you are talking about. All of your files on that page play fine for me.



    I know… I finally gave up on the whole thing and just went ahead
    and bought the space upgrade. Smart move, and I’m glad I did. Now
    there are absolutely no problems whatsoever. :O)


    Yes, that is going to be the most reliable way to post audio on your blog.


    try mediafire or soundcloud, although i shouldn’t be endorsing it but both work very well for me i tried many but only two stood the tests


    The thing is that anytime you host on a site other than your own, you increase the possibility of loading problems exponentially since you are at the mercy of the entire internet – inlcuding the hosting company equipment – between your blog and your files.

    Some services are more reliable than other – that is a fact – but there are so many more potential failure points.



    I bought the upgrade immediately, assuming that I’d be able to upload m4a files, but I’m still having the buffering issue listed above. Any guidance?



    @dardenn The audio player only works with mp3 files.

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