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[audio] edit colors

  1. hi...

    i'm not sure if this is where i'm supposed to put this... but it's okay if the mods move it...

    ummm, i need help with editing the [audio] player i'm using for wordpress... i tried doing this [audio <html for music file>|text=hexcode|etc]

    but i don't think it works...

    thanks for the help... :)

  2. Hi renz20-it would help us if you would post the URL of your wordpress.COM blog. (If you don't have a wordpress.COM blog, then please seek help over at )

  3. wordpress is:

  4. The basic shortcode for the audio player is this:
    [audio Url]
    For the commands that change the default color of its various elements see here:

  5. thank you thank you...

    hope it works...

  6. It does - I've tried it! If you happen to have any problems, ask again.

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