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    I’d like a certain piece of classical music to being playing when a particular page on my wordpress site loads, and I’m not sure how to go about it. I assume that I would have to upload the audio file to my youtube account — but I don’t want to simply imbed the url on the page: I want the audio file to begin playing without visitors having to click anything. Can you help?
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    See >

    The WordPress player does not provide autoplay music. You can try an alternative player:

    Please note: autoplay is a major irritant for some people (myself included). Many of us will click out never to return again if we experience someone else’s musical taste and have not been given an option to listen or not. I never return to such blogs.


    music to being playing when a particular page on my wordpress site loads

    No, you REALLY don’t want to do that. It much better to allow the visitor to select whether or not they want to listen to your music.

    Many people will simply never return to a site that uses autoplay.


    I see, I hadn’t thought of that.

    Okay, then if I give visitors the option to click the imbedded url, how do I keep the person from being redirected from my site to the website (say, youtube) that I upload the audio file to?

    In other words, how do I make it so that the audio-file-url loads from *my* site?



    Read the first link TT gave you.

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