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    I have added two audio files to my blog. These are quite long files (approx 100 mins) and are hosted on a third party (4shared).

    The audio files play with no problems via the third party website, but when I try to listen to them via WordPress, all it seems to do is buffer.

    What can I do to fix the problem (apart from try and cut up the file)?

    The blog I need help with is



    Oh no! Your username is not linked to your blog and you failed to posts an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question. Please do that so we can try to help.


    Sorry about that the blog is

    The audio files are under Conference>Panel 1 & Panel 2



    Those audio files don’t work for me either. All I get is buffering so I’m flagging this thread for Staff attention.


    The URL of an mp3 ends with “.mp3”. The audio player buffers because the URLs you’ve used aren’t the URLs of the mp3s themselves, they are the URLs of webpages.

    You can embed the 4shared player in your page by copying the embed code from those pages and converting it into a gigya shortcode. Turn this:
    <embed src="ETC ETC ETC"></embed>
    To this:
    [gigya src="ETC ETC ETC" ]
    Paste into HTML editor.


    panaghiotisadam – you are a star…thank you


    You’re welcome!



    When you put them in WP, do you make SURE that the link is inactive? Ie click on it, click the Unlink icon so it’s not highlighted anymore, and then carry on? That’s important otherwise it bufferes forever.

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