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    Hey all, as I get closer to purchasing the space upgrade so I can upload some audio files, I’d like to get some advice. Some of the other audio files I want to link to are on other websites. Would it be better to have these in my audio library than to provide a link to them from my page? How about imbeding them on the page but not actually having them in my media library?

    The blog I need help with is



    If the site that they’re on allows hotlinking, you can leave them where they are. I’ve done that in this post:


    It’s generally not good for the site hosting them, though, so you should ask permission before doing that. Some people still pay for bandwidth.

    It will load faster if it’s in your media library, but then that uses up your space.


    Ok. I have plenty of space for the time being, as a matter of fact I don’t get why I must purchase a space upgrade for uploading audio. To me, that’s like having a book case with 3 shelves on it for books, but being required to purchase 5 more shelves for cds or tapes when you’re not even sure that you have enough books and tapes to fill the three shelves you have.



    You can’t upload audio, no matter how much space you have, unless you buy the space upgrade. Try it.


    I knew that.



    Just making sure. I think the Space Upgrade should be renamed.


    Why do you say that? I don’t think it should be renamed, but I don’t think I should have to purchase it unless I know I’m going to use it. In other words, I have audio I want to put up on my site, but I don’t know if I’m going to have enough media, whether that be text or audio, to use even the 3 gb provided per blog.



    raincoaster have given you all the help a Volunteer can give. Perhaps you would like to take this up with Staff. If so here’s the link



    oops! I meant “has”


    “I don’t get why I must purchase a space upgrade for uploading audio.”

    This might help:


    I’ll take it up with staff eventually.



    Why continue posting here? We are only Volunteers providing answers to support questions. We have no role to play in the decision making process. You have the link for contacting Staff. Please use it.

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