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[audio ] in my sidebar?

  1. sujetosalaroca

    Can I have [audio ] in my sidebar? I tried to put the code in a text widget, but just did not work. I've seen them in the sidebars of other blogs, but just doesnt seem to work on my freshy theme. Can someone help me?

  2. I don't think the audio player works in the sidebar. Never tried it until tonight, but I don't think the one for blogs posts will work


  3. sujetosalaroca

    Nope...doesnt work...It work on a post but not on my sidebar...I have the freshy theme, but I saw it working on another blog

  4. If you saw a sonific widget in a sidebar of a blog then did you take note of the theme? Perhaps the sidebars on some themes are wide enough for it to fit. If so, then you could change themes to the one you saw where it did fit into the sidebar.

  5. you can use the widget to do this

  6. @justjennifer
    Good catch!


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