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    I’m sure this has been pined over before, bit since the contact form is down, I’ll ask here.

    I purchased 5gigs of space so that I can put mp3 files from my computer into my media library to then place it into a post.

    When I try and upload either mp3 of wav files, it tells me there is an error, or that it cannot upload because of security issues.

    What is the next suggestion?

    The blog I need help with is



    Does this help? Only mp3 audio files can be played on the WordPress audio player. This is a Flash limitation. Read more here >


    I’m having the same problem as ammomusic. It won’t allow me to upload my mp3 files. Sounds like I’m getting the same error as he describes. I could cancel my 5GB subscription … but why have one if it can’t be used.



    Please provide an active link to the blog in question starting with http://



    I’m sorry about the trouble you are experiencing. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.


    Hi Timethief. I’ve actually started two blogs and am wondering if that’s part of the problem. The blog that I wish to upload mp3s to is:

    The other blog (which I’ll probably wind up deleting soon) is:

    Note that when I attempt to do the upload to fromstressintoflow, the system shows me as only having 2 gigs available. Thanks.


    Just noticed the ‘https’ in my url for fromstressintoflow. Not sure how that got there.



    Please try removing the “s” and see if you are successful then.


    Sorry, I don’t get it. The ‘s’ was apparently put in by the WordPress system, not by me.

    In any case, I just tried it again, following the Upload New Media in ‘Media Library’ procedure as specified in the WordPress online documentation. Got the same error My url at that point was:

    Here is the error msg and accompanying note:

    “Error saving media attachment.
    3 GB upload space remaining. You can upload mp3, m4a, wav, ogg audio files and increase your available space with a Space Upgrade. You can upload videos and embed them directly on your blog with a Video Upgrade.”

    Please note the reference to 3 GB upload space. As though the system does not know that I’ve purchased the additional 5 GB.



    RATS! How frustrating!. I will flag this thread so it gets Staff attention. As they are extremely busy it may take some time for them to get to you.


    Frustrating … yes. Especially since I paid for the functionality. I’m new to WordPress and can only hope that Staff gives some priority to issues with paid services such as this.



    If you look at the top of this forum you will see something unusual. It’s a yellow notice. If you look at forum threads you will see something else unusual. Many threads are marked with “Modlook” for Staff intervention. I think we can surmise that Staff are up to their eyeballs addressing some very big and unexpected issues. As for priorties re: paid upgrades I don’t doubt for a moment that they will address your issue as soon as they can just like any other business would. Please be patient.

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