Audio issues continued

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    Why is the audio still not displaying in our blogs? It always has until recently. We are using the standard code:
    Never mind all the color and extra stuff, just help us get the thing going again. I always put in a standard link so they can listen externally, but this still doesn’t allow the player which should appear on our blog page as before. Using Explorer 9 and Firefox, latest build.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’ve noticed an issue whereby when you paste in a URL like an MP3 the cursor leaps to the front of the line. Make sure that you have the closing square bracket in the proper place and the link itself is not live, ie clickable and blue the way it is above.



    Thanks for your response. My bottom link in the example above is the standard audio link for listening in an external player. Also, remember as you probably don’t know, that I am blind; so, expressions like: appearing in Blue, would only keep me guessing.
    Since IE9 has been out for some time, I suppose it was when flash upgraded from version 10 that everything broke.

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