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    I just bought an iPhone 4S and noticed that the audio playlists i make on my blog do not appear on Safari, the web browser that came with my phone’s default OS (iOS5).

    I use the [audio |titles=|artists=] format, have used it since I got my account here. This might be a dumb question since i might just need to install or upgrade Flash or something, but, is wordpress audio player compatible with iPhone’s safari or other mobile web browsers? and if not, is there any workaround this issue? i would love to be able to play my blog playlists directly from the site

    thanks for your time

    The blog I need help with is



    Audio player isn’t compatible with HTML5 (doesn’t work with iPhone/iPad)
    Open source is in the core values in the wordpress team and they’ll have registred the idea and keep it for future updates…

    Please see here >



    thanks a lot for the info timethief, I did some forum topic searches before posting this and did not come across that one. Also. now I understand wordpress support staff does not necessarily check this forum, most likely they don’t.

    Here’s hoping they do implement an HTML5 compatible audio player in the near future!



    You’re welcome and best wishes.


    I hope they come up with a solution very soon. I can’t believe there is no audio support for iPads and iPhone in Worldpress!

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