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audio player?

  1. I have music on another site, (Reverbnation). I would like my visitors to be able to hear this music without being directed back, (linked), to Reverbnation. However, when I use the [audio] code and insert the URL into the code, all I get is the player. Clicking the play button does nothing except say that the song is "buffering". It never gets past buffering.


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  2. The audio player shortcode can only play mp3 files to which it has direct access.
    A general link to reverbnation page won't work.

    To clarify:
    [audio ] won't work
    [audio ] will

  3. Unfortunately, nothing works. I uploaded my songs to Soundcloud. As instructed by both WordPress and Soundcloud, I embedded the player. It doesn't work. The player is there, but clicking the actual play button does nothing. After a few dozen tries, I finally gave up, and instead inserted the WordPress [audio] code, with the direct link to the song properly inserted within it. Still doesn't work. Just says "buffering" forever. Any ideas?

  4. Could you send me a link to a page/post where you've added the audio player? I'll be happy to look into this for you. :-)

    Learn more about using an audio player here:

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