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Audio player

  1. Adding Audio Files

    Upload an mp3 file somewhere on the internet.

    example code used: [audio

    this player works fine on desktop but wont work/exist on Ipad.

    this is a link to my blog

    thank you in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It's a Flash player so, no, it will never work on iPad until iPad supports flash. You might want to add a download link so people can use their native audio players.

  3. The audio player requires Flash, which Apple does not support on iOS.

    We may have a solution for this in the near future, but it is strictly Flash-only for now.

  4. thank you.
    whats the code for a download link?

  5. Just type some text like,

    Download link

    and then highlight it, hit Link, and paste in the URL of the actual MP3 file.

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