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    Hi, I would like to know how to embed a playlist in my blog. I made a playlist on myflashfetish and I tried to embed it on my post by copying and pasting it, but only the words are appearing – not the actual playlist. Please help :(
    Thanks in advance



    Link to your wordpress.COM blog, starting with the http://



    I’m having the same problem as ‘kis4karma’.. ]:


    What do you mean by: Link to your wordpress.COM blog, starting with the http://??
    (not to sound stupid or something..^^)



    In order to look at kis4karma’s blog, I need the address, since it is not linked in his/her user name (like yours is). So I can’t tell if the poster is even hosted here. We get so many questions from folks who are NOT hosted here (those who download and install wordpress.ORG software on their own hosts) that I generally ask for the blog link. (Sine our software is different, our answers don’t apply.)

    And by including the http part, the link is clickable.

    Since you have the same problem AND you are definitely hosted at wordpress.COM, I will say that generally speaking, you cannot embed anything here that is not specifically allowed. Things like flash (and I noticed that the name of the embed item includes the word flash), javascript, frames, forms and the like are stripped out here, due to security concerns.

    To be sure, though, you can post the embed code here between backticks (the key to the left on the number 1 on your keyboard) and we can take a look.

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