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  1. For the life of me, I can't figure out how to get the audio player to work. I've uploaded my files to and it still doesn't work. Do you know of any other online storage sites that are compatible with the wordpress audio player?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've tried filedon, but the website seems to have been down for weeks. Do you know of any others?

  3. ooo... i'd like to know too! D:

  4. @wiibii
    That's nice but as you have no alternative audio storage sites to suggest then you can subscribe to the feed for this thread and when an answer is provided you will know that >

  5. @agsinger
    I don't know of any others. After work hours I expect that it may be possible that another member may be able to supply and alternative audio storage site. You can subscribe to the RSS Feed for this thread so you will be aware if another alternative is posted just click the RSS subscribe link in the sidebar.

  6. Fileden is fine, it allows hotlinking, and it's alive and well. Here's a file I just uploaded to Fileden:

  7. One piece of advice: to make sure your mp3 will work with the WP audio player, avoid spaces and punctuation marks in the name of the mp3.

  8. @panaghiotisadam You can deal with that stuff in the name with the appropriate espcape characters (%20 for a space, etc...)

    I've just been researching audio hosting options, and I like - u get at least 2gigs for free and a public folder which allows hotlinking

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