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    Sudden problem with the audio player. The audio player has worked like a charm for several years. But recently I acquired a 64 bit Windows 7 computer. More recently, I updated Adobe Flash Player to the current version, Now the audio player crashes regularly in Mozilla (the music stops, suddenly the player disappears from view, and I get a message that Adobe Flash Player has crashed). In Chrome and 64 bit IE, the audio files are not even recognized: the Audio Player presents an error message that it cannot find the file. There does not seem to be an easy way to retrograde to an earlier Flash Player. Anyone else encountering this dilemma? Any advice?



    perhaps you downloaded a corrupted download?

    Start a session in Firefox and go:

    on that page it should tell you your correct system, Language and Browser.

    then try redownloading. when you install make sure your browsers are not running.

    hope this helps.



    <p>Thanks for the suggestion – it was 33% successful. I uninstalled Adobe Flash Player, restarted the computer, then reinstalled Flash Player.

    <p>Now it appears that the problem in Mozilla is resolved – it hasn’t yet crashed after about an hour of listening, though it had to stop to buffer a couple of times.

    <p>The Chrome and IE problems are still present. To be clear about it (I wasn’t before):

    • In Chrome, I get a File Not Found message in the playlist box (where one would see identifying info about the audio track).
    • In Internet Explorer (both 32 and 64 bit) versions, the flash player is missing altogether. I did follow the separate instructions posted in Adobe about how to install Flash Player on IE 32 bit, but to no avail.

    <p>I have found that there is a busy discussion online about incompatibilities between Internet Explorer 9 and Adobe Flash Player — see They are too technical for me to speculate on a fix. I checked on an ancient computer in my house, running XP and an old version of IE — on that computer, the Audio Player works fine.

    <p>Regarding Chrome, the problem is mysterious. Before Flash Player updated, Chrome worked on my system with the [audio] shortcode. But not now. I haven’t (yet) found anything online about Chrome and Flash Player.

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