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    @henkvansetten WordPress is not a particularly user-focused company. This type of thing happens again and again.


    Hello again, it is not just a problem of appearance. The audio player is gone ! (except on the pages.) I have tried uploading the audio file of one of my posts again and clicked on “insert the audio player” (sorry about my technical English, not sure if these are the correct words as I see them in French only). I saw that the code is different from the code in more recent posts, starting like this: [audio mp3=”http, and ending like this: [/audio]
    What should I do ?
    Thank you for your help.
    The blog I have problems with is



    Hi anneghanassia,

    I tested this:

    [audio mp3="http://...." ] and all ok.

    I tested this too

    [audio http://.... ] and all ok



    Hello everyone. Sorry for the slow response and inconvenience regarding this. My team is currently discussing the issues put forth and is working on it. Please subscribe to this thread for further updates. Thank you for your patience.


    @ernestto, thanks for your help.
    But it seems it doesn’t work properly on all devices. The audio player is no longer visible when I use my computer or my smartphone. But apparently, it is OK on iPads.
    I have also noticed that it is OK if I click on the title of my posts (prior to Apr 21) and “open” the post. But many of my readers don’t do that as some of my posts are short.
    The funny thing also is that when I access my posts via my account, it works but it doesn’t when I read my blog without getting connected to my account, like any visitor.

    Thank you to the engineers who I am sure will find how to fix this, or what I should do.



    Hello over there (a message to the WP staff),
    Just discovered about the new audio player appearance which is truly REALLY UNSIGHTLY…pls revert back to the previous one…
    imposing a change without even announcing it is a bad move, and it ruins all our efforts on customizing things to make them look the way we want…
    Hope you’ll quickly be able to solve this very annoying situation…



    If is all ok when you open session may be you have problem with your browser



    No it isn’t ok at all, Ernesto, and I don’t think it’s a browser related issue since shit happens whatever browser one uses…
    new audio player is totally “ill-proportioned”, and moved on the right + in an awful black color which is unrelated to the theme general appearance…I want my customized former flash audio player back !…

    I can’t see the point of having changed that :-(



    Same problem as everyone above. 89 audio links broken…no audio available from my podcast site. Needs to be fixed immediately. What are they thinking?


    I too have the same issues. Only some of my audio is showing on posts and I agree the players appearance is awful. I am pretty new to wordpress and pretty shocked that these changes have been made without WP announcing them or at least providing the option of using previous versions.

    This really does need to be fixed immediately WP.



    Hi everyone,

    Again, I am deeply sorry about the trouble you are having with the Audio player. We are currently taking steps towards finding a solution. Thanks.



    New audio player is as pretty as a spot in the middle of your face :
    a true disaster ! wordpress bloggers should have been warned first hand about this change, and at least have the option to keep the older player…I’m quite angry about this !



    I can’t believe how much time it takes to find a solution…
    it shouldn’t be that difficult to revert back to the old flash player which was ways better…

    PLS WP staff members : do something about this !



    Hi Everyone!

    I’ve discussed things with the rest of the team and as of now we are sticking to the HTML5 format. It was a very difficult decision to make, but we feel that transitioning to HTML5 would be best done sooner or later. Staying with the Flash player would mean supporting a dated technology. That, in turn, limits our ability to make further enhancements to the audio player and provide adequate support. Though the audio player looks a bit drab at the moment, HTML5 will allow us to easily add in the same customization features you all are used to, not to mention improvements in performance and increased cross-browser compatibility.

    Several enhancements to the HTML5 player are underway. Future announcements shall be made on this page, so please be sure to remain subscribed. Thank you!



    Great we seem to have been listened to :-(


    Ah, that’s good news, to have a response from WordPress. What they say makes sense to me.

    Having had some days to work with the new player, I have found it superior with regard to functionality. One can move the cursor more easily, it shows the length of the recording more clearly, and it has the volume control. I think all these things are improvements.

    However, it is very unsightly. A reduced size (more towards the old size or half way there?) and a less powerful black (maybe again the grey that we had before?) – would be quite acceptable from our point of view, given also our sites are not Premium sites, and we have no customisation upgrades. Perhaps more options with regard to look and feel could be available to those that have paid for these upgrades.

    I was concerned when some people said their audio, including podcasts, were no longer working but from our point of view at St Paul Repository, and I have several associated blogs with the audio upgrade, we are not experiencing that sort of problem. The audio is all working fine and my podcasts are all live.

    Thanks to the WP staff for the effort they are no doubt putting into this to keep everyone satisfied. I look forward to more updates. Elizabeth


    Dear Druesome:

    Thanks for your attention.

    But please let me point out that the standard procedure in introducing any new replacement technology is (1) developing it up to the point where it doesn’t break any existing functions, and (2) only then, when it works adequately, pushing it onto your customers.

    Reversing the order of (1) and (2), as WP did here, is fundamentally dumb and will not be beneficial to your relations with customers (to say this in a friendly manner).

    I am a historian by profession. In economic history, yes, there have been many companies that blissfully ignored their own customers’ interests and got away with it — for a while. Never in the long run. Maybe this blind spot in the Automattic company management should be mended not just in the customers’ interest, but in the firm’s own interest as well.

    As for myself, well, I guess I’ll start recoding all my music pages now. My playlist page will remain disfunctional until you come up with a version of your HTML5 player that at least can show the titles again…

    For the future, I now know what kind of service to expect for my money here. I thank the WP company for this instructive experience.



    Druesome: for many of us like Anneghanassia above and myself the problem is not an ugly audio player, it’s NO AUDIO PLAYER AT ALL! All the audio links from my (non-premium) blog at are GONE. This is particularly a problem for a podcast blog like this one. I had been inserting audio files hosted on Dropbox as, e.g.,

    Please tell me what I need to do get these ugly players to appear!



    I sincerely hope that all the members’ comments and complaints will be taken into account and the old Flash player reintroduced as the default player. It worked perfectly for everyone. Thank you. Paula (

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