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    Hello Druesome
    One of the problems with the new player is that it does not interact properly with images in the same post. For example image alignment is not possible if the new audio player is present! There is a lot to sort out before you can launch a new audio player on us


    Here’s a funny footnote to the whole player issues discussion.

    If you go to WP’s own Audio Support page, and scroll about 3/4 down, under the header “Customizing the Audio Player” you’ll find two of the new coffin-style HTML5 players that both are supposed to demonstrate in-player titles.

    Needless to say, they don’t work as intended… The player “upgrade” has broken things even on this page of WP itself :-)

    In the meantime, I spent the better part of this day correcting old posts. In some of them, for unclear reasons, the new player had changed the old layout and landed smack across the artist images that used to be above the player.

    I wonder if our cutting-edge WP coders ever heard of the term “backwards compatibility”?




    On my blog I have no audio players at all. When I paste in the examples given on the WP audio support page, those don’t show up either. How much noise do we need to make before someone gets the message?


    @ galois, in case it helps you and others: I improvised the following layout restoring solution, happened to worked in my case:

    OLD CODE (now giving a player-across-image layout)

    <p><image xxxxxxxxxx></p>
    <p>[audio xxxxxxxxxx] etc.

    NEW CODE (solving problem for me):

    <p><image xxxxxxxxxx><br>
    <p>[audio xxxxxxxxxx] etc.

    What this amounted to was inserting an extra line filled with some dummy text between the image and the player. To fill the extra line I used invisible linkspace chars:

    An empty extra line, or one with only one char in it, often didn’t work. But an extra line with a few more chars in it always worked to push the player below the image again.

    Problem was I had to do this in a lot of posts…



    my previous post took the linkspace chars literally instead of showing their code, as I expected.
    What I used as first characters in the second line was a series of six times (I hope it comes across this time)
    & n b s p ;
    written together without the spaces I put into it now.



    I was looking at some of my older posts now (from April) and the player is missing altogether. How is this possible? I have been paying for space upgrade for two years and now I can’t have any player at all?????


    Hello Druesome,
    What can we do to have the players back in older posts ? (Any player)
    I tried uploading my mp3 files to older posts but no player shows up except if visitors click on the title of each post to open a new page, which they don’t usually do. So they can just see a blank space where the players are supposed to be.
    Surely there must be something that you can do.
    And you know, I am sure there are many more wordpress users who would like some help but they can’t tell you about their issues or understand what is going on as they don’t speak English and they are probably feeling really frustrated. I posted on the French forum and AirOdissey told me that he couldn’t do anything so I had to try to explain all this in English.
    So please could you let us know how we can get audio players back in older posts ? Thank you very much.




    Hi Everyone!

    I’ve discussed things with the rest of the team and as of now we are sticking to the HTML5 format. It was a very difficult decision to make, but we feel that transitioning to HTML5 would be best done sooner or later. Staying with the Flash player would mean supporting a dated technology. That, in turn, limits our ability to make further enhancements to the audio player and provide adequate support. Though the audio player looks a bit drab at the moment, HTML5 will allow us to easily add in the same customization features you all are used to, not to mention improvements in performance and increased cross-browser compatibility.

    Several enhancements to the HTML5 player are underway. Future announcements shall be made on this page, so please be sure to remain subscribed. Thank you!

    Is this a joke? How can you remove a feature that was working fine? I am transferring my blog to Blogger.


    My audio player started disappearing also. I have 76 “shows” up and scrolling down the player would appear through show 70 then number 69 it disappeared. If you clicked on the show title, it would show up when that individual page loaded. I didn’t like that idea of assuming the average person would know that. What I did was go to dashboard/settings/reading and unclicked the Scroll Infinitely box and they now show up. The only drawback is the page loads 50 posts at a time, but oh well! I now wish I could load more than 50 shows into my feed!

    Snoqualmie Joe



    How do I insert a shortcode if I upload my mp3 from my computer?


    Hello snoqualmie joe,
    Thank you so much for the tip ! I did what you said and it works, at least for the lats 50 posts. And I now understand why only the latest posts were “normal”, as I had set the number of posts to display to 6.
    Hopefully they will do something to fix the problem !


    I also have the following problem. If I go to an individual post with audio, I can see the new player. If I stay on the home page, go to the bottom and click “older posts”, the older posts appear at the bottom of my home page as usual, but the audio player is gone completely from each of the older posts. I am sure you will all have the same problem.


    @ songsofhope:

    Maybe (I’m not 100% sure) your last-mentioned problem is caused by this: unlike the old player, which was entered in the page simply as
    [audio my.mp3]
    the new player comes with a closing tag, like this:
    [audio my.mp3] whatever [/audio]

    The potential problem here? In older pages, the player will run based on the existing code — but that existing code doesn’t have the closing tag. So everything that follows, may be considered to “belong” to the first running instance of the player.

    In all my older posts, just to make sure, I’ve manually inserted the closing tags right behind the existing player code, so like this:
    [audio my.mp3][/audio]

    Of course all these issues are examples of things that the WP coders should have thoroughly tested and solved before forcing their Coffin Player onto their customers…



    Coffin Player – that’s exactly what it looks like :D. Does anyone know how I can make the coffin player smaller for my individual uploaded tracks – (there is no url – they are uploaded from my pc)?


    many thanks. Great explanation


    I suggest that WordPress write some code so that:
    1. if our input is just [audio my.mp3] and no closing [/audio], WordPress uses the flash player
    2. if our input follows html5 protocol and has [audio my.mp3] and [/audio], then WordPress uses the new html5 player

    This arrangement will keep our old posts going, and our new posts will be html5. Flash is not going away any time soon. So all will be happy. They could also give us instructions on how to easily upgrade our old posts if we want to do that too.



    how I can make the coffin player smaller for my individual uploaded tracks

    Hi, @bopaula
    Read my last comment: For the problem with the width of the new & awful player…



    Hi Galois,

    I read the enclosed links, but I did not manage to make it shorter.

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