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Audio Player freezes in buffering mode

  1. I followed the prescribed steps to insert an MP3 audio url, it all shows up nicely but it stays buffering forever.

    Thank you,


    The blog I need help with is

  2. We need:

    The URL of the exact MP3 file that you used

    the URL of the exact post where you posted it.

  3. MP3 URL -

    Post URL -

    It happened consistently with all 4 attempts to insert audio player. I'm using SoundCloud but I'd rather prefer to use Audio Player. I'm uploading my MP3s to Box Net and then I copy the url and insert in the [audio] shortcode. It shows the icon and behaves as if it is going to play but stays buffering and nothing happens after that.

    Thank you,

    Mario Flecha

  4. For the audio player to work, you need the direct URL of an mp3; is the URL of a webpage, not an mp3. Most file storage sites don't give direct URLs - Fileden does.

  5. perfectionistgal

    Hi there, my embedded audio on my website freezes as well when buffering. I used mp3 format with the URL, however, it doesn't work.

    This is the post where I embed the mp3

    mp3 URL

    I do not know what to do as I use this kind of format in embedding the song:
    [audio MP3_URL|leftbg=0x9ACB9A|rightbg=0x336633]

    Please help, thanks!

  6. That's the wrong format; that's why that's not working.

    Use [audio

  7. perfectionistgal

    It was exactly of this I typed: [audio|leftbg=0xFFFFFF|rightbg=0x444444]

    But when I type in this one:
    It does not show buffering, it says "File Not Found". Though it's in mp3 format. Is there a problem, perhaps mediafire does not allow embedding mp3s?

  8. @perfectionistgal: Same problem with marioflecha: is the URL of a webpage, not an mp3. Upload your mp3s to Fileden.

  9. I got the same kind of messages as perfectionistgal. I suggest that the info on how to use audio player be extended to explain why an MP3 file stored in a storage site won't work because it works in the Box Net widget and SoundCloud also works. It would save some time.

    So the question for me now is: what is the option if Box Net doesn't provide the direct URL? Is it to use fileden? Is it the only one that provides direct URL for MP3 files?

    Thank you,

  10. Some websites do not allow hotlinking; it's up to you to find one that does. There are many around, including (as a last resort

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