Audio Player messed up?

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    Just before i realised, that the audio player doesn’t seem to work anymore. For example in this post:

    i had 15 links to 15 MP3-files and also 15 embedded audio-tags linking to the files.

    Now it looks all messed up, in every MP3-post i wrote:

    When i look at the post in the editor, it looks all fine, like before.
    But also saving the post again doesn’t help anything.

    Did i miss any changes to the embedding audio-tag?



    Fixed it :)
    Before the audio-tag was
    and now it has to be
    [audio song.mp3]

    Also i used brackets in my post, and they seemed to mess the code up, since the new wp was used here. So i had to remove the brackets to get the audio player back.

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