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Audio Player Problem

  1. feelingoodfeelingreat

    I set up playlists with the audio player on my blog. They worked fine when I created them, but now they're not working. The audio player is there but it stays Buffering instead of playing the audio. It is not working with any url I try. What can the problem be?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please post an active link starting with http:// to the post or page you are experiencing this problem on. Note that we Volunteers cannot view preiviews of drafts. Also which playlist (ie. from where) are you referring to?

  3. When this happened to me, it was because the site that was hosting the mp3 files went under. Most annoying; we didn't even get an email.

  4. feelingoodfeelingreat

    @timethief This is the link to one of the pages

    @raincoaster I thought it was the hosting site at first (I'm using Hulkshare) but it seems that it isn't I tried other sites and still have the problem.

  5. For Hulkshare I did a forum search and suggest you try using The gigya shortcode 3 – widgets

  6. Let me know what you guys find out

  7. panaghiotisadam

    The problem is that you haven't used the URLs of the actual mp3s, you've used the URLs of Hulkshare pages. You should upload your mp3s to file hosting sites that give direct URLs, for instance Fileden or Kiwi6. Also note that the audio player doesn't like filenames with spaces or punctuation marks.

  8. feelingoodfeelingreat

    thanks everyone.

    I used Fileden and it worked out

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