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    I’m using the audio player in wordpress to link to some mp3s. However, I don’t want to let people download the mp3s. Right now anyone can take a look at the source and see the exact URL of the stored files. Is there something I can do to ensure that these links aren’t shown in the source? the blog in question is a free blog hosted at




    You mean they see the link in the loading pane in their browser? Because they shouldn’t be able to see it on your blog; it should just load inside the audio player.

    I don’t think there’s any way to hide that; the music file has to load in order for it to be played, which means it has to be pulled in from where it’s hosted and you see it buffering… the only thing I can think of is running the mp3 url through somewhere like first but I’m not sure that would even work. Someone else might have a better idea.



    well, i meant that if you take a look at the HTML code of the page – you can see the exact URLs of the files. This is okay as most people don’t look into source HTML, but still many motivated ones will.
    So, I just want some way with which visitors can’t find out the URLs but are still able to stream. I know it’s possible if I use software, but is it possible on Maybe I can store URLs in an XML and flash audio player can read from there? Or can I use some other third party service to secure my files? I couldn’t find the answer on FAQs.

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