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audio player will only buffer

  1. I've been having trouble with the audio player feature. After I purchased the upgrade, it worked a few times, now the player won't go past buffering. please help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm not seeing an audio player on your front page. Please post the link to a post with the problem in question.

  3. sorry, i generally find a different way to add the music, since the audio player has not been working.

    this one i got to work:

    these two did not:

    as far as i can tell, they are identical, so i am at a loss. i have tried a plethora of songs, and after that first one, none will play. and i paid for the upgrade, so i would love to be able to use it!

  4. **there is a end bracket in the actual code for each one. for some reason when i submit the comment, they disappeared.

  5. I tried your files in my test blog and got the same issue. Then I downloaded them to my computer, and my iTunes won't recognize the two problem ones. Perhaps you've changed something in the way you convert audio files to mp3s? Since the problem ones are older, maybe try re-converting them and re-uploading them?

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