Audio players fine with me but not for the visitors.

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    Hi. I have this online song contest at my blog located at;

    In fact the audio players (all 14 songs) work perfectly normal for me. But I’ve got some feedback from some people tonight saying that the players loaded but didn’t play the songs. It was ok couple of hours back since I’ve already received votes. but what could be the reason that the players are STILL working for me but not others…

    I’ll be pleased if you can check if they’re working normally. If not, what might be the reason? I upload my mp3’s to google-sites (where it always works with WP audio players). A WP audio-player thing or something else?

    The blog I need help with is



    It appears that Google has implemented some kind of redirect or hotlink protection that is preventing the player from working with those URLs. Probably it works for you because you have logged in at Google Sites.

    This is related:



    oh, that’s too sad. so maybe those who were able to listen were also logged in to google/gmail somehow. Thanks!!! I’ll try to find another solution.

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