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    I’ve just posted up three mixes of music on my blog. (
    The audio is held on an external site (sendspace),of which they have provided me with the http:// codes.

    I’ve done [audio http://etc, etc, etc,] and it producers a player where I’ve asked it to.
    The problem is that the audio doesn’t play when using the player. It just comes up with error.

    Is there something I should be doing, have done before or not have done before expecting the audio to work?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is


    @justinkasey, there is probably extra html in your audio shortcode. Please check the html in your post and make sure it shows [audio] and nothing else inside the square brackets. Note that you must use a direct link that ends in .mp3 or it will not work. Using a link that shows an ad first or redirects you to a download page or some other page will not work. Sendspace may or may not offer you a direct .mp3 link. Check with them to make sure.

    Please also review these help pages:



    Howdy. Same problem here, though my file is at Dropbox. The url for the file does not end in mp3. mp3 is in the middle of the url. If I just insert the url as provided without the brackets and the word audio when you click on it in the post it opens a quicktime player and that plays fine, but it’s navigated away from the blog and you have to page back after it plays. I’ve tried several other free storage sites and it seems none I have used end the file in mp3 because it does lead to an ad or some other player, etc. Let me know if you come up with a solution and I’ll do the same. This is taking way too much time. Bill



    Well the latest thing I have tried is using the “broken link icon”. If in your draft the url is underlined one fellow told me it would not play, only buffer. Highlight the url and clik on the icon in the toolbar that looks like a broken chain link and key what it tells you to. alt-enter-s I think it was. Anyway, it tells you what to key. Don’t know if it worked yet for me because now my preview function won’t work.


    Thanks for the advice design simply – that helped me loads.

    Harmlessj – Hi, I tried a few other file hosts which gave me links that ended in .mp3
    The one that seem to work the fastest was The only problem with this is that the max file size upload is 25mb (too small for me) and that it’s only free for one month. worked but for some reason it was really slow uploading the audio – but that could have been for any number of reasons, but worth a try.

    Eventually I put my hand in my pocket and forked out the $20 for an upgrade. Works perfectly!!!
    Money can buy happiness!!

    Cheers guys


    Harmlessj – good advice on the ‘broken link’ thing aswell



    well, just an idea. you can try google sites:
    you dont have to creat an account if you are already logged in with your gmail account.

    – Create a site
    – Upload your mp3 file as attachment
    – Copy the URL of the mp3 file
    – use the audio tag at WP [audio=….] in a post
    – right after the “=” paste the URL and close brackets
    – the URL is going to be something like this one:
    – safely delete the “?attredirects=0” (keep “.mp3”)
    – in case you see the URL you pasted automatically turns to be a “linked” one, break the link and Publish


    Thanks for the advice guys! just wondering about the $20 Upgrade. I already have a storage upgrade on my blog, do i need ANOTHER one??



    Why would you need more than one?


    Ok, someone in another forum answered my question wonderfully. Fileden. I upload my music on there which gives me a link with mp-3 in it, so it should work in my blog! :D I will try it out tomorrow after some much-needed sleep…

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