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    This is the strangest thing, and I just wondered if anyone else has experienced it. When I insert an MP3 file into a post, I usually do it two ways – by linking the name of the song directly to the file, and then at the bottom entering the WP audio player code. The result is that the song plays streaming audio either way, but here’s the funny part – the WP audio player version is noticibly slower. I’m not talking about download time – I have broadband and that’s not a problem – I’m talking about how the song actually plays. It’s like a record player with your finger on it, slowing it down a little. Anyone???



    I’m wondering if that would be an issue with WordPress’s bandwidth (although they say bandwidth is never an issue). But I’m just speculating here. Unfortunately, I don’t know any sound gurus who could weigh in on this. It might also be an encoding issue, as I know that older encoding can be speeded up and chipmunk-like. Maybe whatever encoding you’re using isn’t aligning perfectly with the audioplayer either. Can you try switching it around and doing a test post?



    A link would be helpful so we can hear what you’re hearing…..

    I swear I’m going to make up some tshirts with that on it someday :)



    I’m with you drmike
    I mean what part of – stop and think. If you don’t give us your link, you’re delaying getting an answer your question – do people not understand?



    Just thought it might sound familiar to someone. Here’s one of the posts that it seems to affect. Note that it’s a small difference, but with the WP player the singer’s voice actually sounds a little lower in register.



    Take it easy everyone! I am not sure how it is supposed to sound, but it sounded correct to me. It has been shown quite often on the net that if you record something with an audio encoding less than 44 or 48 mhz or whatever it is, it may not play correctly in a flash player like the audio player here at Maybe try that if it is your recording?




    Once I changed the sample rate on my source file from 48 to 44.1 kHz, the audio returned to normal. I have a feeling that the WP audio player doesn’t like sample rates of 48 kHz. The audio file, even with a sample rate of 48 kHz, played fine if I used a hyperlink instead of the audio player.



    I am having the same problem – most of my mp3 files play slower in the WP player, then, if you click the link itself, it starts as a quicktime, playing at the correct speed.

    Here’s an example [audio

    I’ll check the kHz, but gosh, why can’t something just work the way it’s supposed to?

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