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    Is there a way to keep my audio playing while I switch to different tabs or pages? I don’t want my audio to keep on restarting everytime I switched to another page. It should just play continuously.





    I have to ask this question. Does having audio play on your site add to the user’s experience?

    I personally find auto-play audio or video to be very intrusive, especially if I am not expecting it (and as most audio players are at the bottom of the page, I usually don’t see it first).

    As to how to solve your problem, I’m afraid that I don’t have the answer. Good luck.



    If you are referring to the wordpress player then the answer is “no”. You can try an alternative player:

    Please note: autoplay is a major irritant for some people (myself included) and a simple forum search turns up many threads that answer your question.


    Thanks for your info, I have found a song and successfully put it on my site, using SoundCloud but it repeats everytime I change page so for now I have removed it. Daisysprouts, I wanted the music to be as unintrusive as possible and I think that if i can get the right music at the right volume (low), it will enhance my site, adding another dimension!! I hope anyway :-)



    I always click away whenever a site starts playing music, regardless of the kind of music or whether I love it or hate it. Even when I go to the websites of my favorite bands, they don’t just start feeding me music — they have some that I can click on and listen if I want to. It can also be very intrusive if you’re on the web in a room with others and suddenly the music starts playing and everyone else in the room hears it, too. Anyway, that’s just my 2 cents, for what it’s worth. I’d much rather be presented with the opportunity to click on something and have it start than to have it do so automatically. The site may have great content, but I don’t stick around long enough to find out.


    ok…. think I’ll leave my music off…. feedback is always welcomed!! :-)



    You’re welcome. It’s okay to have music but IMO it ought to be the visitors choice whether or not they click to hear it. That spares them from getting their ears blasted unexpectedly. :)

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