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audio upload process no longer works


    Following all instructions last week I finally managed to insert 3 audio uploads to my blog, with players and they work!! But alas I've been using the same process this seems to work...the player ends up in the right place, but when I try opening it from the post I get an "error opening file" message. Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Can you give us a link to the files, starting with http? And a link to the posts where the audio players are?

  3. Can you give me a link to the file itself in that last example? The actual MP3? And viewing it in Edit mode, does it look like a live, clickable link? If so, break it using the Broken Link icon above; if it's not broken, it usually buffers indefinitely.

  4. [audio sample.mp3] This is the same link I used for all the others, it's the one I was told to use for getting the player, just with the name changed at the end. Used the broken link icon, didn't make any difference. Buffering indefinitely isn't the problem...the buffering word disappears and "error opening file" appears in its place.

    Have I given you the right link, or do you want the one that shows up in the smaller white upload box when it's being uploaded? If so, here it is:

  5. Hi Raincoaster, I've given you the answer to your question...

  6. That URL should not have a space in it. Try renaming the file itself with no spaces and then re-upload it. Once it's uploaded, if it's correct, it will have the proper ending, the .mp3.

  7. ok took out space so it looks like this:
    [audio, made no difference

  8. Did you re-upload it? Or did you just take out the space when putting it into your blog?

  9. I have re-uploaded it several times, no change. I re-imported the sample mp3 into audacity and re-did the export out of audacity as an mp3, because I found I could put OTHER samples on the page, just not THIS one. Next I am going to re-import the whole 1hr audio file into audacity and re-select the sample, maybe there's something wrong with the sample somehow. Thanks for your help so far. I'll let you know if a newly selected sample makes a difference.

  10. duh duh duh....when you use the URL it HAS to have the right date....I was cutting/pasting the URL from my previous audio samples which were all done in 1/09. But THIS is 2/09 duh NOT [audio but [audio Only took about 6 hours....

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