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  1. Hi, I was wondering wether a widget (similar to the one we have for twitter) will be develop for so that we can publish our boos on the side of the blog.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I doubt it, sorry.

  3. These are the code restrictions Unless and until we can see the code for the widget in question we cannot answer your question. May we please have the complete link starting with http://

  4. hi, do you mean of the website? you can find here:
    thanks :-).
    The other thing, I have been able to create a feed with feedburner, can I add the feed to the side of my blog? if so, should I use the RSS widget?

  5. The site you have indicated at that link above is not a blog, and we provide support only for those with blogs. Self hosting bloggers using software must go here for support as we run on different software and cannot help you at

  6. I think I have not been actually clear, this is were the podcasts are kept as server.

    I wish to add my own short podcasts to the side of my blog which is, at bolg ( Since the audiboos have an rss feed and I have created another feed with feadburner, I was wondering whether I may use the RSS widget provide by wordpress to show my short podcast (which are on server).


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