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August Earnings

  1. I got paid on

    2012-06 and

    So what happened to 08? Is there a temporary delay or did we just lost a whole month of earnings? That would be sad

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We have not yet posted earnings for 8. It will come shortly.

  3. I was also worried. I thought something went wrong. It is my first payment

  4. Something is obviously delaying the August payments, wonder if it was the much lower amounts we all saw in July ?

  5. I was approved for Word Ads on August 24. Will I see the earnings for the 7 days in August with everyone else (whenever that turns out to be) or do I have to wait until ads have been running for an entire month which means the last week of August and September will be combined? I guess if the latter is the case, I'll see some sort of earnings breakdown in Oct/Nov?

  6. I'm a very disappointed with August earning report. Could you email me, please?
    Thank you

  7. Yes, I'd like you to contact me via email as well. I thought the earnings for August would have been at least double what I've received. Unless it's still being transferred or something

  8. Astralon - as of this minute your August earnings are not posted. There is something else I wanted to share with you but when I email I haven't heard back so can you please email me at [email redacted]? Thanks.

  9. dreager1 - Can you check again tomorrow as the ad reports are still being uploaded? Next month we will take the partial reports offline so it doesn't create confusion for you.

  10. daisyt13 - I think we chatted in email. Yes you will see the partial months report.

  11. Ianrobo - We are not that clever :) It takes us a while each month because we depend on advertiser reports from the advertisers and it takes them a while to compile those for all the sites that we have.

  12. @Jonburke Okay, thanks for the help =)

  13. Jonburke, thanks for your response. I will email you!

  14. I don't see partial report you people are talking about. Where can I have a look at mine?


  15. syoungphotography

    Hello, can someone explain to me why in my stats for June I had 6,241 views and my earnings from WordAds was 8.06 USD, but in August I had 5,417 views but my earnings were only 0.97 USD?

    thanks in advance.

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